Architecure: DAAA (Dron and Ardelean Architects); Raul Ardelean, Simina Dron, Miruna Ardelean, Alexandru Apostol
Photos: Arthur Tintu

Year of completion: 2017
Location: Corbeanca, Romania
Total area: 488 m2
Site area: 1108 m2

The project had to respond to an artist’s needs and visions on a harmonious bonding between the inspiration and musical creation space, and the one for living. A studio‐home emerged, imaged by the artist, together with the architects, as very simple in form and architectural expression. The central and generating point of the house was the two‐storey living room, with its 3 essential elements: the piano, the library, and the fireplace. The white, simple and compact volume opens towards the courtyard and the forest through the general glazing of the south facade, with the interior continuing outside through the vegetation‐submerged terrace and pool. The other sides of the building have remained introvert, dominated by closed walls shapes with punctual gaps, thus ensuring, alongside the opaque enclosure wall, intimacy from the street and the neighbourhood.