Salih Teskeredžić

Gazzda, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Salih Teskeredžić is a designer, a professor at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts and the co-founder of brand Gazzda. His impressive design production places him alongside some of the greatest world-renown designers. He is well known for his recognisable style which is a combination of retro-ethnographic local particularities and contemporary design forms which are frequently upgraded by means of certain details that sometimes play a functional role and sometimes they only act as an aesthetic accentuation. The products thus give an impression of being light and natural, primarily due to his ability to follow the natural growth of wood which is one of the essential materials used in his design. A combination of the old and new as well as his masterly accomplished fundamental form and function thus allow his products to be well accepted and widely used in modern interiors. By way of their softness, clean lines and contrast his designs fill the interiors with a touch of cosiness. As already mentioned, his clean forms follow the form of natural wood growth and tree branching, inviting the users to instinctively touch them. His attitude to design is well illustrated in his masterly work and commitment to details. His daring play of combining essential handicraft elements with machine-made items does not only represent certain progress in design, but it also fills the products with designer’s emotions as well as his soul and personality. Salih Teskeredžić has undoubtedly put Bosnia and Herzegovina on a map of big design achievements by means of his work and commitment.