Project Description

PKC is a Ljubljana based office operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development and is involved in a large number of projects.

PKC’s architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes. Not least due to the influence from multicultural exchange, global economical flows and communication technologies that all together require new ways of architectural and urban organization.

We believe that in order to deal with today’s challenges, architecture can profitably move into a field that has been largely unexplored. A pragmatic utopian architecture that steers clear of the petrifying pragmatism of boring boxes and the naïve utopian ideas of digital formalism. Like a form of programmatic alchemy we create architecture by mixing conventional ingredients such as living, leisure, working, parking and shopping. By hitting the fertile overlap between pragmatic and utopia, we architects once again find the freedom to change the surface of our planet, to better fit contemporary life forms.

PKC, Damjan Pirc s.p.
architecture and urban planning
Pavsiceva 10, 1000 Ljubljana, SVN
tel: +386 30 343 006