Project Description

BelaBela means WhiteWhite in Slovenian.
It is a product design brand, representing textile and fashion designer Jana Mršnik.
Formally established in 2008, together with the former BelaBela designer Vesna Štih, BelaBela first started with textile art projects and later expanded to the textile and product design as well as interior design and spatial installations. Years of experience in the fields of textile design, fashion and textile art are the basis for the unique aesthetics of the BelaBela products – their look and applicability bear a distinctive textile touch.
The projects aroused out of thinking that there was an increasing need in today’s worlds’​ tendency towards mass production, for objects with a personal touch. So BelaBela began exploring ways in which to use the advantages of mass production while combining them with individuality and uniqueness.
Since it’s beginnings in 2006, BelaBela’s activity is oriented towards manual work, later exploring it’s therapeutic qualities and further using them in the production process.
Projects at the same time deal with the question of the true value of the products, highlighting their background by disclosing essential informations about their formation.

Combining industrial production with handiwork, modularity, ecology, traditional handiwork techniques interpreted in modern ways,… became some of the main features in BelaBela products. This way BelaBela is trying to highlight the meaning of handiwork and personal creativity, with a special interest in a design that gives user the chance to be actively involved in creating the final product…

BelaBela’s projects has been presented at several selected exhibitions around the world, such as: Modern Atlanta (Atlanta, USA), Blickfang (Stuttgart, Vienna), Design is Material (Atlanta, USA), Talents – Ambiente (Frankfurt), Next – Tendence, Ambiente (Frankfurt), Tent (London), Common Roots – Design Museum Holon (Holon, Israel), International Biennial of Design – BIO (Ljubljana) etc., and have received many national and international awards.

Dragomer – Na vasi 16, 1351 Brezovica
tel: +386 31 566 436