CAN Architects

Our shared enthusiasm is based on the mutually transforming qualities of architecture and community. CAN Architects is a milestone in our professional lives which embraces all the layers, possibilities and responsibilities of architecture, ranging from design to building and all the way to education. And our answer to all basic questions is: Yes, we CAN.

We believe buildings and their stories go together. Architects are dramaturges. Creates these connections. We founded a creative group called faluÉPÍTÉS in 2012 organizing building camps every summer. The projects are in the countryside erected out of wood co-operating with university students and the villagers who are designing and constructing together. Marketplace (2012, Bogyoszló – Piranesi Award shortlist), Lookout tower (2013, Csíkvánd), ‘Cloud’ furniture of a patio (2014, Győr), Hubertus Chapel (2015, Göbös-major) Circular Stage (2016, Kapuvár)

Since founding CAN Architects we are working on larger scales. Extension of MOME Campus (competition) – BETA 2016 Architectural Visions (shortlist) S.ARCH 2017 AWARD, Hong Kong – honorable mention, villa on the riverside of Danube, refurbishment of the Museum Quarter (Sopron), apartment blocks (Győr), interior design of Mobilis IT centre (Győr).

Beside the office we are lecturers at Széchenyi István University, Architecture Department, Győr.

Photo 1: Loopwhole, Tállya, 2017; József Élő
Photo 2: Hubertus chapel, Csapod, Göbös-major, 2014, Szilárd KÖNINGER


CAN Architects

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