The Strategy of the Association of Hungarian Architects (AHA) 2016-2020

AHA is the leading institution of Hungarian architects, the member and representative of Union International des Architectes (UIA). It was established by recognized architects in 1902 and it is still an honour to be it’s member. AHA is a professional organization, opened to every gifted architect, being a young entrant, a mature practitioner, or a wise master. It’s members are those recognized personalities of the hungarian archtiects’ society, who carry on a professional pratice on a high level and raise architecture to be the integral part of our national culture.
The historical task and aim of AHA are the following:
to foster hungarian architectural heritige
to advertise outstanding architectural results, helping them to be acknowledged
presenting good examples in contemporary architecture to the general public
to form opinion in the interest of the quality of built environment
to strengthen the prestige of this civil profession.

AHA plays an active role in professional and social life, presenting good examples and valuable carriers in architecture, making public exemplary projects, plans, opinions and experiences.
For the sake of the above mentioned:
Helps communication between professionals and the society to present the values of built environment and to raise the level of visual culture and sense of taste.
Organizes and supports opened forums between architects’ generations, the society and the profession.
Organizes exhibitions, edits printed publications, operates online communication surfaces.
Takes all legal measures to dominate architectural quality, organizes and takes part in juries of architectural competitions, stands out for rewardable competition prizes and public presentation of competition results.
Prepares films and reports with recognized architects, introducing their walk of life and professional credo.

To raise the level of built environment and the professional practice of architects AHA cooperates with the following national bodies:
state, governmental, municipal organizations, leaders and representatives
professional bodies, such as Academies and Chambers
all professional organizations
gradual and postgradual architectural education institutions and courses
professional and public media
civil organizations and all supporters of architecture

Photo: Association of Hungarian Architects, Budapest, est:1902


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András KRIZSÁN DLA president
Tel: +36 70 369 7171