Young Architects’ Generation 2017 contest and travelling exhibition

“young architects’ generation 2017” contest and travelling exhibition has been organized by the Association of Hungarian Architects since 2006 every other year initiated by dr. Gábor Reischl, formerly the chairman of AHA.. It is targeted to present the best achievements of young Hungarian architects and landscape designers. The contest is open to any Hungarian architect, architectural artist and landscape designer younger than 40 holding a degree. It is typically this contest whereby young professionals have the chance to introduce themselves not only in digital media, but also in a printed publication.

There are concepts focusing on urban space, community buildings, creators’ workshops, detached family houses, interiors tailor-made for young people. There are examples and models of creative activities seamlessly integrating into nature, approaches to cultural life, industrial rehabilitations, or even railway transport. There are entries focussing on the updating of a rural „cubic house”, the restoration of a historic building, or construction on a protected waterfront site. Many of the concepts targeted at far-away locations or places beyond the borders of Hungary.

The Association of Hungarian Architects has organized an exhibition and edited a catalogue of the winning entries, and the travelling exhibition is going to be hosted in each Hungarian city with a university. In line with its charter, the organisation grants a membership to the authors of the winning entries at their request.

Photo: Young architects’ generation 2017,  est:2006


Young Architects’ Generation 2017 contest and travelling exhibition
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