Aleksandra Stratimirović; Strati
Srbija / Švedska;

Aleksandra Stratimirović je večkrat nagrajena ustvarjalka na področju svetlobne umetnosti, z več kot 20-letnimi izkušnjami. Njeno področje ustvarjanja zajema lokaciji prilagojene (site-specific) umetniške instalacije s prefinjeno uporabo svetlobe. Njena umetniška dela so postala stalen del številnih javnih prostorov in institucij na Švedskem in drugod. Njena ume- tniška dela so vključena v razstave v newyorškem muzeju Guggenheim, umetniški galeriji Konstnärshuset v Stockholmu in parku Jardin du Palais
Royal v Parizu. Sodelovala je na kulturnih dogodkih v Londonu, Amsterda- mu, Ljubljani, Beogradu, Tokiu, Osaki, Veroni in Singapurju. Poleg umetni- ške kariere je Aleksandra vključena v različne organizacije, ki se ukvarjajo s svetlobo. Je ustanovna članica društva Transnational Lighting Detectives, ustanoviteljica in umetniška direktorica festivala Beograd svetlobe (Beo- grad svetlosti) ter soustanoviteljica ljubljanskega mednarodnega festivala Svetlobna gverila. Trenutno dela kot kuratorka in umetniška direktorica festivala svetlobe v Skopju (Skopje Light Art District 2020).


Color Wheels is a light art installation created as a perceptual instrument to investigate the experience of color and light through temporal luminous color arrangements. This piece draws its initial inspiration from the enthralling history of color research.

Artists, scientists and scholars ranging from Leon Battista Alberti, Phillip Otto Runge and Johaness Itten to Isaac Newton, Hermann von Helmholtz and J.W. von Goethe have developed different theories and approaches to understand and categorize color. An emblematic form in this process has been the color wheel and its many interpretations.

Color Wheels is a triptych that generates a minimal and basic physical environment. Each section consists of six circles that are engaged in a concentric layered layout. The visual experience is stimulated by successive brightness, hue and saturation hierarchies of reflected light on each circle. The perceptual process is enabled in an attempt to investigate color harmonies and analogies as well as complementary, simultaneous and sequential color contrasts and chromatic afterimages. Visual constancy is challenged.

As we move to an era where the analogue and the digital realms merge and the static becomes dynamic we are keen on re-visiting our relationship to light and color. Color is a perception that is formed in our brain through past experience and visual information. Semantics of color explore the means by which languages communicate the visual impression in a historical and cultural context. Our approach is the opposite. Color Wheels aim to deliver live points of perceptual exploration to each observer.

Color Wheels is created together with architectural lighting designer Athanassios Danilof
in collaboration with Targetti Sankey Spa.


Site-specific light installation
Location: Under the Barjanica bridge, Gradaščica Park, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Completed September 2017

“Circulation” is created for the Lighting Guerrilla’s Luminous Park project. Light installation is positioned under the Barjanica Bridge on the spot where the river becomes slightly widened and the generous, welcoming urban space appears. Barjanica Bridge is designed by architect Jurij Kobe, drawing direct inspiration from the legacy of the legendary Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik.

“Circulation” is about movement. Its dynamics relate to the bridge as a place of constant motion. The tale of light depicts a story of the city, the nightscape and the playfulness of the river Gradaščica. Installation consists of three concentric circles that are integrated in the construction of the bridge. Light reacts to the presence of people approaching the spot, turning from its peaceful state into dynamic light movement.

Curated by Katerina Mirovič, Lighting Guerrilla
Commissioned by Forum Ljubljana

Realized with the assistants of Lighting Guerrilla technical team and Anton Sjöstrand/Rebel Controls

Site-specific light artwork
for University Hospital Örebro, new Parking house, Sweden
Commissioned by Regionservice Fastigheter / Region Örebro
Completed 2019

Breeze is a monumental dynamic light artwork created for the new Parking house in the University Hospital in Örebro. The structure of the work is a relatively thin, free-bending line, intended to be experienced as a fast-drawn ink sketch, which sweeps through all seven levels of the building. This black line carries integrated lighting that uses white wall as a painting canvas.
Viewed from a distance, Breeze gives experience of a free, organic, airy movement of light that sweeps and whispers through all levels of the P-house. From close up, inside the stairwell, movement of light, reflections from the wall surface and the dynamics of light take different dimension, more intimate and impressive. Here you dive into each form’s own universe.

Art consultant Kristin Rapp, Regionservice Fastigheter / Region Örebro


December 2-7, 2014 Jardin du Palais Royal, France

Aurora borealis is the most spectacular and poetic natural light phenomena that occurs in the sky of northern hemisphere. Inspired by this magical appearance of energy and light in nature my wish was to create a bit of northern atmosphere in the beautiful surroundings of Jardin du Palais Royal. This work unites the Swedish presence of nature with the classic and historical Paris, as a symbol of cultures interacting and the beauty of friendship.

Project was initiated by the Embassy of Sweden in Paris and IKEA France for the occasion of Swedish Royal state visit to France in the beginning of December 2014.
My starting point was to apply IKEAs latest consumer LED technology into temporary outdoor light installation hosted by Le Centre des Monuments Nationaux. Project was realized in collaboration with Agency ubi bene

Grand opening in the presence of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden

Musical inspiration Jacques Loussier