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A Console House

By |27. 06. 2018| |

A successful project of a single-family house, designed by 3biro architects (prof. Janez Koželj, Blaž Rupar, Tina Rupar Kobe), was completed in 2011. The total floor-area of the house itself is only 33 m2, however, its total living-space area is spre

Cape Square Durrës

By |28. 03. 2018|

Big Architecture Awards 2018 - winner in category Landscape and urban space How do you create a sense of place on a dirty, neglected stretch of coast between a small strip of beach and a promenade? This was the challenge facing BOOM Landscape, in par

Slovenska Boulevard

By |28. 03. 2018|

Slovenska street is firmly anchored in a Slovenian’s mental image as the central street of the capital city. For that reason, the transformation of its base traffic character affects more than just the city centre. With the transformation, the transi

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