Authors: Csaba Nagy, Károly Polus; ARCHIKON
Client: Municipality XIII. District of Budapest
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Year of completion: 2016
Location: Budapest, XIII. District, Hungary
Total area: 3757,43 m2
Site area: 5065 m2

The Municipality of the 13th District in Budapest took an environmentally forward thinking decision when creating the country’s first passive house certified kindergarten.

Replacing an on old structure the new building contains 16 groups on two floors. On top of that there is a unique roof garden which creates shaded outdoor places for the children.

The building was certified by Darmstadt Passivhaus Institut. It features extra heat insulation, heat regaining ventilation, smart LED lighting and numerous other innovations. The results are a heightened comfort for the children and the staff, while consuming only one tenth of the energy of a comparable institution.

The passive WONDERGERDEN KINDERGARTEN’S main message is educating a sustainable way of life and the building itself sets the example for it.