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RCERO Educational Trail

By |28. 03. 2018|

Educational trail of Regional centre for waste management (RCERO) is a landscaping project surrounding the regional waste management facilities. It has eleven theme points that educate visitors about types of materials, recycling and re-use of waste.

City park Rakova Jelša

By |28. 03. 2018|

If the objective of Rakova Jelša town park I was to host leisure activities and picnic places, second phase focuses on self-sufficient farming and cultivation. Possibility of legal and arranged cultivation on the outskirts of the city centre means a

Green Arena

By |28. 03. 2018|

The project is located in the center of a large paved area that hosts a weekly market. It is situated along the most important artery of the municipality of Cavallino that connects the town with Punta Sabbioni – Venice. The area is placed in a strate

Cărturești Carusel

By |28. 03. 2018|

The building is located in the old city center of Bucharest and has had a long and intricate history. Built in the 19th century, it started out as a bank and then it became a clothing shop between the `50s and the `90s. In the past 20 years, after th

Church St. Ana

By |28. 03. 2018|

The context of the project is already contained in the same title of the project task: Church St. Ana and Social center Vežica. This public and social context is only enhanced by the presence of a school in direct contact with the location of the pro

Point Theater

By |28. 03. 2018|

The building houses a theater, a café and a club. The existing house was built in the 19th century in masonry with wooden floors Following the structural report, it was decided to demolish the inside of the building and ancillaries, while preserving

Corte Bertesina

By |28. 03. 2018|

Big Architecture Awards 2018 - winner in category Public and commercial architecture Located on the outskirts of Vicenza, Corte Bertesina is a typical, rural, nineteenth century Venetian courtyard connected to a 17-hectare country estate with certifi

Icon Museum

By |28. 03. 2018|

The building for the Korça Icon Museum was originally a structure of columns and floor slabs (Maison Domino) abandoned when communism collapsed in Albania. The Albanian office DEA Studio were comissioned to design facades and BOLLES+WILSON were then

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